Where To Watch

The public knows him as a man who never fails to speak his mind and lets the chips fall where they may. Fiercely critical of both Democrats and Republicans, Jesse Ventura’s views are thought-provoking, honest, and unpredictable. In this age of ultra-partisanship, “Off the Grid” brings you Jesse Ventura at his most independent — and most vigilant — questioning government and those in power , on the full range of today’s critical issues , as only Jesse Ventura can.

New episodes are posted Tuesday-Friday at 3PM EST & are available for on-demand viewing online on Ora TV. Viewers can also watch episodes on Jesse Ventura’s YouTube channel. And if you have a Roku device you can also stream “Off The Grid” on your TV from Ora TV’s Roku channel.

Stay Connected for Show Updates:

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11 thoughts on “Where To Watch

  1. Very, very excited for the new show. Jesse Ventura, uncensored, no government controlled media holding him back, a man with all the freedom in the world to speak the truth (something that should be possible on American television, but that’s a different story for a different day).

    Huge supporter, will be tuning in each and every week. Thank you for doing this.

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  3. Can’t wait for the new show. Jesse your the type of man I look up to. Just wanted to say put that out there. First let me say that I have never voted for a politician but if you run for president, you will have my vote. To be honest, you would be the reason for me to start voting. I have lost a lot of faith in government but when you talk about politics, I can agree with you on almost every subject. Good luck if you run and with the show. You have my support!

  4. When well the show be coming on today?And do we it here on oratv.com or is there another place to watch? Please Help I dont want to miss it!

  5. I’m in central Florida and would LOVE to know what channel this is on…I love Jesse Ventura and every thing he stands for…I have DirectTV…Thanks Jessee….

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