New episodes of “Off The Grid” are posted Tuesday-Friday at 3PM EST and available for on-demand viewing on Ora.TV – for all the ways to watch the show – visit our “Where To Watch” page.

Bookmark this page & visit us each Monday for the latest “Off The Grid” guest lineup. Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming schedule:

Tuesday: The truth behind campaign elections exposed on #OffTheGrid.

Wednesday: In another addition of “Big Media Blindspot” Jesse uncovers what’s really going on at the Federal Reserve.

Thursday:American film director and environmental activist, Josh Fox, best known for his Oscar-nominated 2010 documentary, Gasland goes #OffTheGrid with Jesse to talk about Fracking – an interview not to miss!

Friday: Jesse answers fan questions and responds to comments – tune in to see if your fan mail will be discussed.



13 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Sir,
    Given all the issues: water, underground towns, lying leaders (when leaders lie, people die), etc., etc., why is it that we the citizens don’t rise up and protest en masse? Why do we continue to take or accept our feckless, gutless, greedy leaders?

  2. Mr gov. Is the American power share to much for a 2 party president to win over or is the time right and backed by the people for the people to change the way usa sees the world .we love the people of America butt the government much change. Obama’s charm and idea’s is just that. PLEASE RUN FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES. FOR THE PEOPLE LOVE FROM DANMARK.

  3. Great job as always Mr. Ventura! I would love to hear your take on chemtrails and the reasons why this is such a non existent topic yet it is the subject for numerous conspiracy theories such as climate control, suppression of evolution and even preparation for genocide. I see these chemtrail grids in the sky everyday and no one even realizes what they are!!! Its a shame this poison is raining down on us and we have no idea what it is, why it’s there, who is actually behind it and how can we stop it?!?!
    Thank you again for all that you do…

    • I truly hope you were just being facetious! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Ted Nugent when he does Cat Scratch Fever but I’m afraid his passion too often gets mistaken for volatility and he comes across as a “Mad Man” who actually has “Cat Scratch Fever” or SOME kind of FEVER! ha ha

  4. Your show is Badass. Love every show. I hope u do a show about 2 of the words politician’s use a lot. 1 is Legacy cost. 2 is entitlement’s. That means, we’re gonna steal your pensions, SS, 401k, Medicare, medicade. U watch, both parties will let it happen. Unemployment is the first thing to go. All these politicians show get minimum wage. In the real world, they all would be fired for not doing there job & to much break time. Jesse 2016.

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