Do you want to win a copy of “War Is A Racket” ?




The next book in my “Book of the Month” series is “War is a Racket.”

“War is a Racket” is an anti-war classic written by one of America’s most decorated soldiers, a two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Major General Smedley Darlington Butler.

As with every “Book of the Month,” you can win a copy by answering a trivia question:

What question would the Governor want to ask Smedley Butler if he were alive today? 

(The answer is in the episode. If you missed the episode, you can view it anytime here. )

Good luck! Five winners will be chosen randomly from those who answer the question.









Gov. Jesse Ventura


40 thoughts on “Do you want to win a copy of “War Is A Racket” ?

  1. Answer to win the book: “What would Major General Smedley D. Butler do about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine?”

  2. The question that the Governor would want to ask General Smedley Butler is: What is his definition of a patriot?

  3. I live in USA and I’d like my country be a land of freedom and opportunity as it always been, but I believe that our good intention should be directed to Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s families. Every time we fight, they cash out big time no matter who win or loose. Think about it before blaming average Americans . The whole system has to be changed. Stop making money out of thin air, put banking system in order, stop charging interest rate!

  4. When the people have had enough of inept, parasitical, cronyist govt, what steps would you take to change this?

  5. Excellent review Jessie…I ‘ve been intending to read this book for years. I wish a friend of mine whose son to the Marines had read it first..well, both of them!

  6. The answer to what would Jessie ask Gen. Smedley is “What would be his definition of a patriot.”.

  7. My Honorable and Honest Governor of Minnesota: Jesse Ventura: I so Honor you for your Honesty, and Tough Love you give back as a Strong Man. You are the most caring and compassionate Politician I have been following. My youngest Son, Daven Vincent Martineau, was murdered by the City of Cloquet, MN. He was a NARC without my permission, and used by the City of Cloquet, Police Department at the age of 15 without my consent. I have ALL of the evidence to prove this, and the entire Judicial system of Carlton County, Minnesota, to prove he was murdered. The Patriotic Act, has killed more innocent people of America, than the War on Drugs has….

  8. Mr. Ventura would ask him what would be Major General Butler’s definition of a patriot.
    Greetings from Poland. Way the go Mr. Ventura!

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