Ohio ReBLOODlicans Block Libertarians From Ballot


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THE PEOPLE OF OHIO decided they will continue to have ReBLOODlican gang leadership when the only person who appealed the decision to remove a third party candidate from the ballot for governor was that third party candidate, Mr. Charles R. Earl.

It’s easy to remove someone from the ballot when your entire political party runs the state: Republican Governor John Kasich conspired with the Republican-controlled legislature and Secretary of State Jon Husted (also ReBLOODlican) backed up their ruling. By law, Libertarian Charles R. Earl is not allowed to run for governor.

The people of Ohio expressed their approval of this decision through their silence.

I’ve never met Charles R. Earl or any of the ReBLOODlicans who decided they know what’s best for Ohio. I just know the ReBLOODlicans were so scared they were wrong – that someone else might actually win the election – they did what they could to get rid of him…and they succeeded. And that’s wrong.

Like I continue to say, if you let government decide for itself, you’re going to get bad government. It is up to us to be vigilant. It is up to us to pay attention. Through your silence, you send a message that you’re okay with what is going on.



Gov. Jesse Ventura

5 thoughts on “Ohio ReBLOODlicans Block Libertarians From Ballot

  1. So… this suggests the United States is the land of the free… until our government votes against said freedom by majority vote in closed election processes that make the “free choice” for the constituents… seems like leaving the “Great State of [any state]” is hard to do when all the states are ran by the same corrupt system… the mentality of “if you don’t like it… then leave” is becoming the typical response… but I was born here, this is my country just as much as it is anyone else born here… I have the right to life, liberty, and property… it is the rules in which I can acquire those rights that I am against… and it seems having to defend my positions to people blindly conforming to the notion that the government knows what is best for the nation is a futile battle when you are outnumbered by the uninformed and uncaring “peers”… How do we wake up these blind sheep that still believe those in political power have “our” best interests in control… they complain more than we do.

  2. So many are forgetting why this country was founded. Tyranny and bullying is now the norm. Keep up the great work Jesse – you are one of a very few voices of truth we have today.

  3. Well, if it is anything like what happened in Virginia, the Republicans have good reason to boot him from the election. They were both running on the same premise. I wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats funded the Libertarian entry on the ballot. In Virginia, we have an illegally elected democratic governor for this same reason. (With proof that the libertarian candidate was funded by the Democrats). How is that righteousness? How is it right to skew results of an election to help your own cause, whatever that cause may be…

  4. I just wonder…. Let’s say that you got ballot access in all 50 states, air time in the debates, etc… Who’s to say that even if we all vote for you Gov. Ventura, those in “power” wouldn’t see things sway in their directoin?
    By the way I’m a huge fan and supporter. I’d really like to win a copy of War is a Racket too if its not too much to ask. I’d love a copy of your most recent book as well Gov. if you could.
    You’re an inspiration to us all, thank you!

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