How James Tague Changed History


IN HIS WORDS: Jesse Ventura explains how James Tague Changed History


A memorial service is planned today for James Tague.

If you’ve researched the JFK assassination, then you know Mr. Tague was a key witness who changed the course of history. He was also a brilliant researcher who wrote LBJ and the Kennedy Killing, which came out last year.

Above all, James Tague was a man who wasn’t afraid to tell the truth.

Without James Tague, we would not be questioning the JFK assassination today.

His integrity is what true vigilance is all about.

One thought on “How James Tague Changed History

  1. Reminds me of the 9/11 Pentagon victim April Gallop who walked through the hole that was allegedly made by the “plane” that hit it, and yet she saw nothing that resembled a plane. The government confiscated, I believe 80+ videos of the event, but later they had to release a clip of footage. That video is extremely choppy but from the little that you can see, many believe it was a missile- there even could have been planted explosives like in the twin towers & WTC building #7. Now whatever happened to the actual plane and the people on it, i have no idea…. That is a scary thought…….. And the missing 2.3 trillion dollars that Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said had been unaccounted for, we will never know where it went or what it was spent on (all the records were destroyed in the pentagon ‘terrorist’ attack).

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