Aren’t You Tired of Empty Suits?


IN HIS OWN WORDS: Jesse Ventura on DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans

In the words of the late great Pete Seeger, “Songs won’t save the planet, but neither will books or speeches.”

Words are meant to inspire, but you can’t rely on them alone to bring about change.

 Talk is cheap. Anyone can say what people want to hear.

Take President Obama’s State of the Union address, for example. He’s a great speaker, but he’s an empty suit. He doesn’t have the know-how to accomplish the goals he promised the American people back in 2008, let alone 2012, let alone 2014.

Obama ran on change. Folks, I hate to sound negative, but there will be no change unless we change. Not changing from one party to another, but actual change. Regardless if a Republican or a Democrat takes office in 2016, we’ll still be in the same mess. If we stop voting for them, we’ll see change.

Who are you really voting for when you vote for a Democrat or a Republican? Not ideas. Not ideals. Not values or common goals. They are bought by the same corporations, the same lobbyists, the same special interest groups.


It doesn’t matter if a candidate is pro-choice or anti-abortion because the same people who backed him also backed his opponent. Do you get my point? You’ll always get the same government, because the same people own the Democrats and the Republicans. End of story. That’s why nothing changes and nothing will unless you remove that factor from the voting booths.

Send a message to these DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans.

Aren’t you tired of empty suits and sellouts?

We keep saying enough is enough, but guess what? Talk is cheap.

Actions speak louder than words.  #VOTE



Gov. Jesse Ventura

10 thoughts on “Aren’t You Tired of Empty Suits?

    • I have observed the same pattern with President Obama, a lot of awesome speeches (which can be quite motivational) but, however, devoid of action! Where are all these things he promised? I have not seen much materialized personally. Where are all these “green” jobs he was supposed to create to better our economy and become more energy independent as a country? I personally was really looking forward to that. However, the only things that I have seen happen are problems with the military budget, which could have resulted in our troops not getting paid at all! And this happened about 3 times while I was active duty Navy, including a government shutdown!! Now, that is shameful if you ask me! This Added to the stress of all military personnel and their families! How will active duty service members have peace of mind when deployed for months at a time (even up to almost a year as in my experience) that their families are going to be taken cared of with food, car, rent, and other vital expenses! Deployment stress or being in the military is stressful enough as it is, if you ask me. Finally, I was greatly affected by the government shutdown as I was transitioning out of the military and into the civilian sector due to that fact that everything stopped working! Therefore, I could not execute important paperwork and my military move in time, among other things . To me this just exposed how our government has become so irresponsible.
      To sum up, I have not seen much change at all, despite the impressive speeches given by President Obama. Moreover, I have only witnessed our government’s inability to plan accordingly, as in my experience with the military budget alerts, and the inability of parties to come into mutual terms, as in the government shut down. Additionally, I wish to express that it really is time for the people become the boss again! As Mr. Ventura has often urged the American people. It’s time that we wake up, come together, and start exercising our rights as US citizens.

      • I agree. Obama, who campaigned on “Change you can believe in,” has delivered more of Bush on steroids. He hasn’t demonstrated any credible leadership driving progressive change. His policies have been strictly corporatist. If anything … I have to say this … he impresses me more as a George Pal puppet, working for the shadow government of elite transnational corporate interests that have no allegiance to the US, its Constitution and laws, or to the American people.

  1. Pete Seger also said,”participation – that’s what’s going to save the human race.” … Thanks to all those who participate, especially you Jesse! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. My bets are still on Hillary coming to office in 2016, regardless of growing public opinion against her. She’s an absolute wet dream for the elite and things will only get worse when she does indeed come to power.

  3. We fucking NEED a real man in there Jess, your the only one who could come will nail the female vote, I’m not gay, but c’mon!!..anyways, it’s a military industril complex, we need a friggin SEAL to be able to defend from , what I would imagine to be an onslaught of assassination attempts, you will know how to survive, you have the knowledge and experience to govern, and you are a top notch debater for sure!!…stayvigilant and go down swinging…do it for the Rainbow Rogue!!

  4. Jesse, you are the only “politician” I’ve seen or ever heard of that admits it when he makes a mistake. The empty suits never do. Thank you for admitting you are as human as the rest of us. I hold no hope that voting will ever effect change; if it could, they would make it illegal.

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