A Holiday Message from Governor Jesse Ventura

This year, we should expand on our Season’s Greetings.

This year, we should strive be something better.

This year, instead of just being consumers, thinking about presents, we should focus on something bigger.

This year, we should remember what an opportunity it is to live in a Democracy where your voice can be heard.

This year, we should make a resolution to use that opportunity. Because that opportunity was a gift from a lot of patriots who came before us, who made a lot of sacrifices in order to make that gift a reality.

This year, instead of planning a great New Year’s, let’s plan to become newly inspired.

This year, make a resolution to be a conscientious, vigilant citizen. The kind that our forefathers and mothers would have hoped would be around today to preserve The Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Don’t wait until 2014 – make this resolution today:

Question our government. You not only have every right to, that’s exactly what a good citizen is supposed to do.

Question the media. Are they telling us the whole truth? Why do we hear more about some starlet tripping on the Hollywood red carpet than we do about the really important issues?

Question the silence. Why don’t we hear about the gigantic NSA scandal any longer? Do you seriously believe they stopped spying on Americans without warrants just because it’s not on the news anymore? Don’t be naïve.

Let’s use our time. Become an informed citizen. That’s a very powerful thing to be. Expand your sources of information. There’s a gold mine of good information out there in alternative media. Explore it.

Register to vote. Because you can’t shoot a gun that isn’t loaded and voting is the best weapon that we own—to protect us from ignorance, to protect us from corruption, and to protect us from being controlled.

Control them. Don’t let them control you. That’s what Democracy is all about.

In short, STAY VIGILANT. We only have a Democracy if we keep it that way.



Gov. Jesse Ventura



IN HIS OWN WORDS: Click to hear Jesse Ventura’s  New Year’s Resolution


22 thoughts on “A Holiday Message from Governor Jesse Ventura

    • I second that Nathan. Jesse Ventura for President and why does it matter to me, because US policy doesn’t just affect Americans. The world deserves back some order from the chaos that US policy has caused.

  1. Thanks Jesse for all the information you gave the people this year. I wish I could meet you in person, you are a true American!

  2. Thank you Gov. for all your hard work and your passion for this country. I almost completely giving up on politics until you became part of it. The honest part that is. If you do run you can count on my vote. To staying vigilant and exsposing the bullshit for what is really is, CHEERS AMERICA AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. Thank you Jesse for serving our country. We need you. We need our Constitution and bill of Rights back. Exercising my free speech, I love you and pray for you whether you like it or not(: My favorite Guv!!! Love, Sharon

  4. Jessi for President, being an Englishman living in Germany this would still mean alot to me. Being the President of America has world wide implications. A man as straight cut and as brave as you deserves to have the chance to make the world a better place xxx

  5. Thank you for your thoughtful words, Jesse. We all want to know that our government stands a chance to change from the horrible situations it is now in. Our politicians are beyond corrupt — our NSA, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Congressmen and Senators are all playing this game that they think they’re going to win. If I were with any of those organizations, I’d Quit and hide, until changes are made. The U.S. Government has been taken over by malicious, hateful, selfish individuals. I’d love to see a crash of the market, where the richest people in the world would lose All, but that’s a “wish”

    Hoping the government sees the light, but it may come through revolution, which they will have brought completely upon themselves, not adhering to the will of the American people.

    Thank You for your inspiration, Jesse!

    Sincerely, Bob Watson

  6. Thank You, Jesse, for all Your research and work toward broadcasting the truth to the nation we cherish. You are appreciated, indeed! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours, Good Health, Protection from harm, and Blessings all the days of Your life.
    Anne Roberts
    Santa Barbara, California

  7. Seasons greetings to you too Sir. Reading your “They Killed Our President” right now. Kick Ass book. Love your writing style!!!

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